Stan Kiddle's Photos From the 1960's and 1970's


(Updated 30 March 2010)

The pictures below were all sent by Stan who lived at number 27 Clissold Court and this is what he wrote:

"My mother Sylvie, plus my brother Paul, moved to Clissold Court in 1964. We lived at no.27 and I was just 5 when we arrived.I finally moved out in 1984 when I married a girl from Manor House and my mum and brother moved out a few years later.
So, as you can imagine, with 20 years there, it was pretty much was central to my growing up and I have amazing memories of people, the park, parties, playing ‘war game’s with the other children in and out of the blocks etc.
I have read thru you old newsletters and recognise many names…we lived underneath the Palmers.
I guess my legacy was in the late seventies once I could drive. I upset many neighbours with my car building, welding, spraying and even breaking …I was only 17-25 so couldn’t understand why people might be upset".

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