The archive material below comes from old newsletters, residents recollections and other documents etc.
We expect it will take us a while to gather this together.
The Clissold Court newsletter was started in 1988 and the editor then was Tom Singleton in Flat 10. The Newsletter of Spring 1992 (see below) announces Tom's asking for someone else to do the job - taken up by Annette Percy who lived in flat 21. Our current editor is Douglas Carter.
All the material has been scanned so it can be viewed using the Adobe Reader.
If you haven't got Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it free by clicking on the link here (be warned - it's a big file!):
Freshview             First mention of Clissold Court in Freshwater's House magazine from November 1969.
Spring 1992          Annoucement of the death of Kay Gilbert, also known as Kay Beauchamp.
Winter 1992         Includes first history article covering 1935-45.
Spring 1993          Includes second history article covering 1945-59.
Spring 1994          This is mostly an extract from the Freshview magazine already available above - plus other topical bits.
Winter 1994          Continuing the history - adding more about the end of the fifties.
Spring 1995          Apart from the VE Day party, details of local bomb damage including a map showing this.
Map 1888            This map is taken from "Ordnance Atlas of London & Suburbs" printed in 1888 and shows the area where                             the flats are now - at the bottom of the map.
60's & 70's          Photos from 1960's and 70's sent by previous resident, Stan Kiddle
Miss Page           Miss Page lived here from about 1942 until her death in 2015. These are some of the papers etc she left                            behind.
Vera                    Vera (Stone) lived here from 1947 until her death at the age of 103 in December 2017. There's an                                      interview with her from 2012 and some of the photos she left behind showing her and her husband Benny                            who died in 2008. There's also a very moving love poem sent by Benny to Vera in 1948 shortly after                            they met.