House Rules

If you are a new resident, the Residents Association would like to welcome you to the Court and hopes that you enjoy your stay. The Court is a notable building in a conservation area and certain standards of appearance and condition must be maintained. Please read these rules which are, in general, derived from leases. Sub-tenants of leaseholders are bound by the terms of their landlord’s lease. Please refer to that document if in any doubt.

APPEARANCE OF THE BUILDING Do not hang washing on or over the balconies, nor out of the windows. Washing may be dried in the back gardens.

RUBBISH Rubbish must not be deposited in the common parts nor outside the blocks. Paladins are provided by the garages. Large items can be collected by Hackney Council Waste Services from the grass verge by the road, but notify the caretaker when a collection date has been arranged. See the CCRA newsletter for the telephone number of this Hackney Council service.

NOISE Residents include pensioners and children, and the flats are far from soundproof. Do not play music audible to neighbours between the hours of 11.00 pm and 10.00 am. Be careful to close doors quietly, particularly at night. If you have uncarpeted floors please put down rugs and/or wear soft-soled shoes in your flat.
Please do not allow children to play in the gardens between 10.00 pm and 10.00 am.
Please do not use equipment such as washing machines between 11pm and 7am.

SECURITY Ensure that all external doors are locked at all times unless you are nearby in attendance. The use of window locks is recommended, particularly for those on the ground floor. Notify the caretaker if you are having workmen present or will be away for a long period. Contact the police if you observe suspicious activity and notify our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator. Relevant telephone numbers are listed in the CCRA newsletter.

MAJOR ALTERATIONS No structural alterations may be carried out without the agreement of the landlord or the managing agent in writing. The occupant is responsible for the conduct of contractors and must ensure that no damage, and a minimum of dust and dirt, is occasioned by the work.

MINOR ALTERATIONS Do not alter sanitary, water, gas, electrical, or ventilation appliances without professional assistance.

WATER Overflows can damage the building and are an annoyance to neighbours. Please familiarise yourself with the location of stopcocks in your flat, and notify the caretaker of any leaks or overflows.

REMOVALS It is your duty to ensure that damage is not caused to the common parts and external door. All packing cases must be removed directly from the premises, and must not block access during transfer.

BICYCLES, BUGGIES, ETC. Do not park these outside the front door nor in the common parts. Apart from the possibility of theft, remember that people will need to use the passages in case of fire.

ANIMALS Leases state that pets are not normally allowed and therefore any such animal is allowed only by ‘grace’. Do not feed wild birds – the residue attracts vermin. If you see mice or rats inside the building please inform the caretaker.

NOTICES Do not place personal messages and advertisements on the windows. These may be published in the CCRA newsletter.

BALCONIES Do not place unsecured objects such as flower pots on balcony walls where they may fall.

ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCE If neighbours complain of interference please ensure that your electrical appliances have effective suppressors fitted.

BARBECUES For Health and Safety reasons, these are not permitted anywhere on the estate, including the communal gardens back and front.

OUT OF HOURS WORK The rules for this work can be viewed here.